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I have an IDEA for R4


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My frend and i have an idea he ons an R4 GTL 1991 B.D.W i am from croatia.He kild the engene by going 140 km/h with R4 ?Any how we wer thinking of puting an electric engene into R4 .I saw pipole put electric engens into wv 1600 aka beatle and qutie izzy and i nead help if some body did some thing like this help ith ideas.Sory for my miss spels. :twisted:


Here's an article on a swedish R4 site about that:

Unfortunately only in swedish. The tecnical facts says (in swenglish):
Based on an R4 -76
8 batteries, serialled and parallelled to make it a total of 7.2 kWh.
6 kW DC engine, mounted directly on the gear box (so i guess he's only using one gear).
1.4kWh per 10 km.
Cruising speed: 55-60 km/h.

He also notes that the R4 is perfect for the job, because of its low weight and absence of brake/steering servos, etc.