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Still looking into different options,but must confess to be Totally confused looking at all the codes and doublecodes on engines..Can anyone please explain what the difference is especially re motor-code 840 and 847 (would these also be called C1J XX-XXX/C2J XX-XXX or what?) Also these sub-codes confuses
me to th extent I'm going bald -by choise...:dontknow:

Looking at different sites/lists/books/cataloges makes me just wanna end it and jump out the nearest window as info varies to the extent I dont know who's right and who's smoked their nylon socks...

I Think they are both Cleon Fonte (cast iron w.alu heads) I've found one of them to have single barrel 32mm carb and the other a dual carb.
Which is which? used in which R5? what years?any difference in the Hp/torque dept? Other?
I'm looking for the torqiest one that will also give good mpg..
Lets just call it high-speed prolonged period get-away car

-Anyone who can put me out of my misery(!)automaticly receives everlasting fame in the Renault heaven-plus a keg o' rhum or favourite poison by own preference..:drunk: -Reid.


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Hi Reid,

Try this guy. He knows about everything about R5s
At the top of the page you can find his email and a telephone number.
If by any chance he's one of the few guys the Netherlands that don't speak or write English.
I'm happy to help you as go between with your questions.

Regards, Robert