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Indicators don't work!


Indicators / hazard lights /horn stopped working!

I have changed fuse and relay. Cleaned earths, checked with separate power to indicator bulb ( from side lights) indicator bulbs light up so earth good. Cleaned terminal on horn, horn started working.

There's power at the hazard switch. There is power at the relay when hazard switch on and/ or ignition switched on. There is 12v across no. 9 fuse when hazzard switched on with and without ignition on. There is nothing across no. 9 fuse when ignition on and indicator arm middle, left or right.

There is constant power at the indicator switch.

There is no power at the indicator bulbs.

Is the indicator arm kaput or a bad earth or have I missed something?

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hi Rich, what was it? I had a similar problem a few months back and cleaned up the indicator arm terminals. It was a bit awkward because I couldn't get the dashboard off
Old thread I know, but for anyone looking: I had a simillar problem after the MOT and it was a sticky Hazard warning switch that cut power to the indicators. Had/have to get the hazard switch in JUST the right position for the indicators to work. This involves quite a lot of flicking it on and off, gently, roughly... I guess the only time it gets used is for the MOT and so it gets all a bit crusty in there.
Hi. Had the same problem on my 4F4 when I imported it.
I had a spare Hazard Switch which I fitted which solved the issue. Old switch completely kaput.
The only point for the perfectionists the hazard symbol is now upside down!