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LHD Renault 4GTL 1983 for sale in Wetherby West Yorkshire

John M

This car is a lovely runner and has been well looked after since it was imported a few years ago. It was imported by a Renault garage in Suffolk who did the registration and made sure it was up to scratch. I bought it from them and have enjoyed it immensely. My wife likes it because she gets taken out for lunch in it on a regular basis. It has been professionally waxoiled and been kept under a breathable cover. We only go out in it when the roads are dry and as the MOT man said it is like new underneath. If you search me on this site you will see what I have done to the car and the attached pictures were taken today. I have put a mph speedometer on it and have the original km one so combining the two I am guessing it is about 100,000 miles but it does run very well with no oil leaks or nasty noises. I will put a years mot on it for a new owner. Price £4750. IMAG0092.jpg