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Merry christmas (God Jul) from Denmark and Thenay

Niels Svane

Renault 4TL '83, 1B1 845cc engine, Ducellier diz
Merry christmas to all of you! I hope you get into 2020 (and through Brexit) in good shape.
I'm very glad to get a christmas greeting on an R4 card from Thenay - is this standard practice from them? :)

Currently I am removing surface rust, replacing all four wings, rustproofing and replacing the brakes on my little car, before its bi-annular MoT in april 2020. Its not registered as a classic, as I hope to use it as a daily driver again soon. Thus the 'modern' volvo S60 will have to go!

If theres time (the PhD is in its final year now), I will replace all the door seals, and put on the banana manifold, sidepipe and sports-silencer too.
A carb-clean and new mount for the airfilter are must-do's, then from february it will have to run on 100 octane as all 95 is getting 10+ % ethanol from next year. I dont mind as it runs great and way more economically on 98+ octane ;D

Give a heads up if any of you pass through Denmark and need a place to stay or a cold beer.