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need identifying... Ducellier dizzies 525355B F3 (R309 D59) & Duc. 5 OR S 25352A K2


HI guys!
-have looked high&low to NO avail -anyone in the know?? Thanx Much in advance ( one Supposed to be for my spare R5A
(R1223) 1400cc. Non-turbo engine...) -Reid.
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Not much help to you, but I took my Ducillier distributor off today for cleaning/reconditioning and upgrading to electronic ignition module.
Thanx Much Andy! -I got this one (loose) with my other R1223 (R5A)1400cc engine ,said to be correct for that one...
Hi there JdeW ! -Thanx much for info (LBC) -that is identical,and numbers correct as on mine.So it turnes out I'we got the wrong one for my engine.. I see and agree with what you're saying re the 123.
-Last time I was in Gouda I popped in to get their dizzy mounted on the spot, when she had the old one out she noticed it had the long shaft which
they didn't have available-I was told I would have to cut the shaft off on mine (the orig. one) -and have it balanced & welded on to their unit..
I didn't want to butcher the orig. one in case of a later malfuntion where we would be left stranded out in the middle of Nowhere -so left it as was..
I thought it was "funny" of them not offering a complete unit ,but haven't been in contact after.
-Do you know if they Now offers the complete unit?
-Thanx again//ALL the best! -Reid.
Hi Reid,

I took a look at in Gouda and according to their webshop it should be available now

And yes unfortunatly original items are becoming rarer and rarer, but maybe the Marreau brothers might have a spare one ;)
Cheers, Joop
I used a 123 tune (programmable) in my Gordini. AT the time it was only available from a company modifying them in France ( but it now looks like it is available from 123.

The programmable makes a lot of sense. These engines are very fiddly on modern fuels so it's handy to get the timing spot on for the engine. I should be able to find my timing curve to act as a starting point should you get one.
Thanx ever so much guys!! Good to see 123 have come to their senses,so I'll give them a ring to order..
funny you should mention the Marreau-freres -as my good buddy in France just have had his GTA V6 totally
restaured by their mechanics -in the meantime he had to putter around in his new A110. which of course triggered
me to send him some heartfelt sympaty c",) He's waiting for me to bring 2 new rear light-bezels and that elusive original
tow-hook for his V6 . Alpine in Dieppe tells me they've only sold 3 -Three of it w-w. Now how's That for unobtainium!

Malcolm- Would be Stellar to have your timing curves if you can locate it -Thanx much in advance...

-will we meet up somewher this summer guys? -haven't any Set dates yet but France is def calling,so might drive via
Netherlands as both of us have had some good times there..

again-Much Appreciated guys // -Reid.
I've had a look at backups and old computers and can't find the curve. It was 10 years ago and I think I messed around with it on the car and didn't finish so didn't save anything.

The starting point from a spreadsheet I was messing with (with the distributor timed on the timing mark which is a few degrees advanced not TDC) looks like:
rpm advance
500 0
1000 0
1500 10
2500 25
4500 28
6000 28

Vacuum would have been something like 10 degrees positive from 0 to 30, then 0 from 40 to 200.

The trick for setting up is to find a flat road, then accelerate at full throttle from 1000rpm upwards. If you have knocking or pinking at any rpm then reduce the timing at that engine speed. If it feels a bit slow or is hesitating then increase the rpm at that rpm. Once the full throttle performance is good drive around normally and reduce the vacuum advance where you hear pinking and increase it where the engine feels flat.
Hi Reid may be able to help on a couple of fronts. Firstly I am running the 123 in my 5g engined R4 and also in my 8g .I did see you at Thenay in 2017 send me an email address and I will send you my settings. Now secondly that elusive tow bar for a GTA V6 only 3 ever made by Alpine Dieppe take a look at the attached pics. Regards Simon

IMG-20240322-WA0001.jpg IMG-20240322-WA0002.jpg IMG-20240322-WA0003.jpg IMG-20240322-WA0000.jpg
HI Simon! I'll send you my email on PM.. Your settings will be very much appreciated -Thanx Much!
So-you got a R8G too.. why keep it a secret-I'm sure there are many others on here that like to see som piccies of it
Is is a 1100 or 1300 original engine or R5A ?
I remember well us meeting up at that small place both parties stayed in near Thenay
-Hope all is good with you guys!
Your tow bar looks exactly like mine. IF the numbers I got at Alpine in Dieppe
years ago was/is correct we now just need to locate the 3rd one to start a club c",) (Hooked on Alpine?)
Did this one come your way via my old friend Alan Mathews (Alpine/Venturi/Helem) down Dorset ?
-Mine had a riveted-on ID-plate (black on silver) on it stating some weight-details/numbers I can't remember

Good to hear from you Simon.