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Laarbeek The Netherlands
As Harbourseal and Tomcat said Jan-Willem is always very helpfull. In the last couple of years my youngest son and I drove regularly to his company to collect purchases and spent many hours talking about the R4 and his R5 turbo racing years (seen the photo albums). I have a very good personal contact and several times my wife and I spent hours when we were invited to his house.
So I have a very good relationship with Jan-Willem, and allthough he's pensioned he still is very passionate with the R4 and will give you good advise. When you look for something he will tell you if it's available or he can search it for you.
@Severin45 I hadn't thought of roof racks... If you've done it, definitely sounds like a possibility ! No issues crossing the border with that (in the sense, no one in Calais to tell you it's unsafe and you shouldn't do it)? How did you get it not to move or slide on the rack? - We just used ratchet straps and placed a couple of bits of wood in the rack to stop it moving. Really was no issue (other than the noise of the straps for the drive home. At the Tunnel we didn't even get asked about the roof rack or what was on it! The addesd bonus was that we picked up some 120 bottles of wine on the way through!!



Leamington Spa
the plate you're talking about is usually fixed on the body , near the bonnet latch, but the stamping on the chassis is on the right side member of the chassis, between the seat and the door.

right, I need to check if i can find a cheap roof rack for a Citroen C4 now :rolleyes: