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Number Plates


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Hi there

I am wondering if anyone can help me with a query about where I might get number plates made with a yellow background (rear) and white background (front) with raised digits. I am transferring a cherished registration onto a renault 4 and am having problems getting plates similar to those which are on it currently!!! Any pressed plates seem to be only made in pre 1973 black background style.

Any help would be gratefully received!!



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Bedford UK
Welcome to the forum David :D

I had a look around some likely suppliers. It's as if those raised number plates never existed. I'm sure I remember a whole decade where everyone had raised plastic numbers on a white or yellow background. Have you tried phoning classic number plate suppliers - word of mouth from them might be the answer.

Otherwise, I'm a really big fan of the modern plates with the blue euro bit on them. They look great on a Yellow Renault.


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Thanks guys

Number plate crisis over - I have just found out that I cant transfer the reg after all now due to the daft rules surronding transfers here in N.Ireland!!

Thanks anyway for your help - i will probably be looking further advice about renault 4 as me and my 2 sisters are in custody of my dads '83 R4 since he passed away. Hoping to get it into shape over the next few months.

Thanks again