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That's a lot of euros for a little car.

If it were to come along to Santa Pod it would meet a 1926 Austin 12 Tourer. I couldn't find anything in the rules saying you need brakes on all 4 wheels!

I nicked your 2 minute logo for the Slow Car Club website. :clementi:
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La Poste

I drove an Austin 12 tourer once - my first experience of a crash gearbox! I could only find second gear, so after a few hundred metres of crunching around the gearbox I decided it was best to leave it it second and adopt an expression of determined British resolution, maintain a stiff upper lip, and continue my journey at a steady 20mph... At that speed the brakes were just about up to the job (front-wheel brakes are for girls anyway). I think for drag racing it would be preferable to have first and top gears available too, just to relieve the monotony!

Glad to see the two-minute logo gracing the new website - it makes me wonder whether it would be possible to achieve a two minute run over a quarter of a mile (making an average speed of... er... 7.5 mph...). Maybe if someone decided to push their car instead of driving it????