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Paint shop needed


hi my lovely gtl needs a full replay it's been to 3 paint shops in Leicester but for various reasons remains unpainted ,does anyone know a good one ?i can travel but one I. The midlands would be best
Try this one. WR14 postcode area. Did a very tidy respray on a small area of my LHD 4TL when it needed some chassis repairs. Have seen some of his bigger projects and he seems extremely conscientious and knowledgeable. The repairs were very solid too. I warn you : he doesn't charge peanuts : but we're not monkeys, are we? Contact by phone only.
I wonder what quotes you've received. When our BMW118d required the whole of the O/S respraying recently, I asked the chap what he'd quote for the R4. He said £2000 but I got the impression it was a job he'd rather not take on.
As I said : not cheap. I had my 1972 sunroof R4L resprayed many years ago and had little change from a £grand. The preparation is very fiddly and time-consuming. But you're probably talking, so long as the job is done properly, 20 years before it needs to be done again, so £50 p.a. is not much, really.

The important point is that you need to find a repairer who is committed to the whole Classic-Car business. With all due respect to "Paul Narramore" such a person is not necessarily going to be found in a garage dealing with BMWs. Emotional commitment to the job, without which you probably won't get something done properly, is in such a case far more important than mere money (within reason, obviously).

I'd suggest to "Brian" that he needs to put "Classic Car Restoration" into Google to be put in the right direction, rather than "Auto Bodywork".
I know exactly the person. His name is Keith Hosier and based in Norfolk . I know it's a way but if you want someone special , sensitive to a restoration and meticulous he's is most definitely the man. I cannot recommend higher . 07743 915873. Excellent at blending if you need a partial respray. See my project blog 'What I am doing' page 8 onward
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