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Peugeot 404 cabriolet


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Hi all,

Today was a day for something completely different.
I was asked to offer a fresh opinion on the running of a Peugeot 404 cabriolet.
With a Kuggelfisher KF2 injector.
It was not starting an ran like a wet rag.

The owner was stuck at the thought that something was wrong with the injection system and got stuck.

When trying to start I smelled petrol. It turned out on removal of the spark plugs that the engine had flooded.
No spark was part of the problem.

Fortunately I had a new spare ignition coil in the Sinpar.
After installing it, the engine started but ran badly until the engine got warm.

We went for a test drive.
On low revs the engine was studdering. But on pressing the accelerator it picked up really well.

Does anyone also drive a Peugeot 404?

Does anyone have an idea on what the problem might be.

Regards, Robert


Athens, Greece
Ah, the Kugelfischer injection, a nightmare for many mechanics...I have worked on 3 Peugeots and one Lancia Flavia with the KF injection.
I would first check the obvious non fuel system related points, that is, valve clearance and ignition settings.
The injection pump is linked to the throttle butterfly by an adjustable rod, it's at that point and when somebody tries to "adjust" it without knowing what he is doing, that the whole lot goes haywire. Try to find a workshop manual (there used to be available for downloading somewhere) and set accurately both the rod length and the relative position of the throttle to injection pump metering rod. It's possible without special tools.
If your car is an early one it will have manual cold start enrichment. Check that the lever at the pump returns properly.
If you have the later wax element controlled enrichment device, it has a setup procedure that should be followed, then checked for correct function. Beware, they are troublesome.
The injection pump and injectors are very reliable but don't like long periods of inactivity.
Once properly set up the injected 404 is one of the sweetest cars to drive, better still that it is a Cabriolet.