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AKA Paul Cunningham
lancing west sussex england
Hi malcolm
and everybody else reading this is it just me or how can i add more than one photo at a time to a post as it is Painhaving to wait for the upload to complete before selecting the next photo which on my phone then takes you back to a 5 click operation to select the next photo without remembering which album you are uploading from
have been taking loads of pics of the rodeo but not always got the spare time to wait For upload to complete
it also seems to upload the same picture more than once trying to delete the duplicates does more harm than good
I can't see a quicker way of uploading photos from a phone. On a laptop you can select a bunch of photos and drag and drop them into the box where you post, but phones don't have that functionality.
Screenshot_2015-02-22-00-41-52.png I may have found the reason looks like you need Flash on device pretty sure android doesn't support flash
I noticed it gives you option to insert fro previous gallery pics so on checking that route out found the following helpful information
You can even make an album on picasa or flickr and share the link... if there is a lot of photo it could be even more confortable, since the forum site would be lighter.
I think its because of the way the forum software is coded/designed. It probably assumes one post = one pic. To modify it may mean a complete re-write that may stop existing versions working. I think Azazello's idea above is a good work round.

I was using PHB3.0 as a forum on but got fed up with Russian and porn spam that took the forum down, even with anti-spam addons it was a pain because each time the forum or the addons were updated it took an age to update the site with manual tweakings so I took it down. The Estafette community being that much smaller/newer in the UK most people would post to the facebook page instead of the forum which is fine until you want to research a post.
It does need flash to upload more than one photo at a time. Madness as flash is obsolete. I'm expecting some new release of the software will find a better solution.

I think it's nicer to have the photos on here rather than photobucket of flickr. It is too common when doing research on the internet to find a thread which would have been very useful had the photos still been there. Very often the person who uploaded them deleted them to make more room on their photobucket account.
Is your phone Android or Apple Paul? I've added an add-on to the forum which might allow multiple image uploads in Apple but not Android. Shouldn't make much difference to anyone else.

The proper fix comes with the new version of the software out this summer hopefully.
I can manage better on 4g than wifi but still a pain to have to take the same 5 steps for every pic and then wait to complete before next one
Once upon a time it was possible to browse all previously uploaded images not gallery ones
Still moaning why is it so hard to copy and paste web adress or anything from clipboard even
Oh and random smileys do work ☺