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Plein Air replica for sale


Athens, Greece
I built this one some years ago but as I can't enjoy it the way it deserves, and I have some projects to finish, I decided to put it here for sale.

Base is a 1979 R1126. Chassis is sound with some minor repair done on the front floorpan from the previous owner, with glassfibre. I converted the body as closely as possible to the original using a combination of official drawings and measurements from a genuine car. External panels are CNC cut and formed, internal structure is identical to factory one, and tailgate opens right way up. I fitted period correct parts like wide sill trims, mirror, grille, emblems and indicators, and converted waistline chrome trim to correct length. Side decals were designed from measurements taken from genuine ones and one really can't tell a difference between each other .
There is no hood or side chains, only the tonneau cover you can see on the photos. Seats and interior fittings are late '70s items, with the exception of the steering wheel which is the black Bakelite type fitted to earlier models. I can change the facia panel to a beige one, if wished.
It has no engine at the time (a 1108 unit had been fitted from the previous owner), and I have a low mileage 782cc one with a known good gearbox to be fitted.
Brakes and running gear were fine by the time I put it out of use, but as it has stood unused for a while I am going to check and rectify any faults before it being sold.
It's currently on Greek historical plates, potential buyers should check their country's local regulations about registering it.
Asking price is 3000€.