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Questions about F4//R5TS//Suzuki...


Hi there gang! -I've been searching high & low for a mecanical front brake.caliper from (I'm told) a Suzuki ZR 50 X 1 -from the 80's (?)
reason being I'm wanting to convert from drumbrakes in front on Roffen the F4 (R2106) to discbrakes from a R5 TS and as the reardrums
are of the small diameter (180mm) I both need and want to keep my park-brake working on the front axles... I've already got the R5 calipers/
Over here the parkbrakes Must be mecanical (by wire) to pass Mot and both wheels on "same" axle has to be braked.. -I have one mechanical
caliper but need one more to get it legal..The extra brackets needed is underway to be made up..
ANY tips where I migth find one more Suki caliper would be Greatly appreciated ! All I can find searching the Bay etc are all hydraulic so No use..

We've had a loong snowy winter so I am really looking forward to this being only a bad memory.. and if ever I see a snow-shovel again -it'll be
Too soon!
-Hope all of you are well underways readying for another really nice season-and as Always we hope to meet up somewhere along the road this
summer. I hear France calling my name Loud&clear..
ALL the best//-Reid
I can ask at some motorcycle breakers here if you are interested. Some Honda CB50s had a mechanical front disc brake, too, is it maybe the same caliper? Do you have a picture of your existing caliper?
Since the mopeds have a disc thickness of 3-4 mm and the Renault disc is 10mm, how are you going to fit these calipers over the disc? Also, I guess these would not make an effective handbrake setup - does legislation ask for a minimum braking force, or does it just want a mechanical brake to be present?
Hi Angel!
-I have to dig it out from a HUGE pile of parts b4 i could supply a picture. it is in two halves ,split where it goes over the disc so i thought id make
two inserts to have a larger opening to fit the R5TS-discks.... This caliper was More than enough to make a somersault :o when on that moped...
I had this same one mounted on one of the two discs on my Suzuki GS 1100 GK paired both with a Saluki Siderider sidecar and later a 3-seater Squire
sidecar back in the days and it held this cobination on Very steep hills -even with a luggage trailer coupled to the mc it always held it.
-I made a "lock" over the brake-handle which required a two-hand operation to release it

The control wire on the caliper has a long adjusting screw-in at the base plus on the brakelever end so am confident it will be able to adjust for grip.
-The Mot states it should be able to hold the car at a slope (No exact degree of slope given)
The one problem I foresee is this moped had only one disc so number 2 caliper has to be turned around to fit..
so if you could check the Honda set-up and poss availability I'd be Most interrested!

Fun fact re Mot I was asked if the parkbrake-wires was of different lenght which i confirmed and then the controller says "Ok-then it is as should be with
brakeforce being different -so it's a pass"
Do you know that Subaru cars from the late 1970s/ early 1980s also had disc brakes with the handbrake being on the front disks, and a similar disc size to Renault 4s, 12s etc. Might be worth investigating that if you are interested.
I actually bought a pair from a wrecker but found with the booster on the front brakes I didn’t really need it and shelved the project at that point. Still got the calipers