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R16 Engine Conversion

Sheran Fernando

New Member
Colombo, Sri Lanka
I have a R4 with a 1397 Gordini e gine. I stumbled upon a highly modified R16 based engine, with a 200 BHP output. The engine is a 1600 with a cross flow head and twin Webber DCOE’s, dry sump etc. Can I fit this engine into a Renault 4? If not what can I fit it on?


As an impressionable child in the 70s I saw a Renault 4 with an R16 engine. Most of the firewall had to be chopped away to do it so it requires a lot of customising and general butchery. So I personally would not recommend it. Just my opinion.
As for other cars- Renault 16 obviously, would make a nice retro 16TS rally car; Renault Alpine, Lotus Elan (lotus owners are paying good money for tweaked 16TS engines as they are getting v hard to find) or something like an R8 as a Gordini/Alpine hybrid.


Renault R4 Lunatic
Breda The Netherlands
I've been told that an early Renault 5 Alpine engine is a straight swap into an R4 - I've seen quite a few for sale here in France, so was wondering how would I identify which one this might be? This one seems to be quite nice
This engine is a converted transverse engine. Look at the chopped off corners at the back of the engine.
also a homemade manifold.
You can do the same with a longitudinal engine from a R12 and R18.
This a link on how to do this conversion.