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Renault 4 photos required for publication


First Renault 4 after 40 years waiting
Solihull, West Midlands
Hi there, I'm a volunteer in the curatorial team at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon and that has led to me joining the SAHB the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain. Naturally Gaydon doesn't cover French cars but the SAHB does.

I've volunteered to write an article about the Renault 4 to cover the history, development, owning one in the 21st century and the forthcoming 60th anniversary.

The magazine is A5 size and the SAHB has around 150 paid up members. The article will be around 2500 words, so not just a couple of paragraphs but not a book.

I need photos of prototypes, early vehicles and basically anything interesting and relevant. These photos must be ones I can use in terms of quality but more importantly, copyright.

Can any forum representatives let me know if they have any usable? Do any members have ones I can use?

Any response is very welcome. I need to get a draft of the article to the editor at the end of December to aim for publication in early March.

Many thanks.

Mark Bradbury