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Hello, this month I'll make the restauration of my R4. I already changed the floor, because it had plenty of rust. This morning I was preparing the inside of the car, by removing all the parts, like seats, control panel, etc... then I tried to remove the inside roof, so I remove the sun hoods and 3 or 4 screws, but I still can't remove it, at least without damage it. Can someone help me? And, is it possible to coat it to change the colour?

Tiago, from Portugal


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Bedford UK
Welcome to the forum Tiago,

Do you have one of the late cars with the moulded plastic roof lining? Those are tricky to remove but it is possible. Try to shuffle the roof to one side of the car, then press upwards in the centre to raise the lining a little. It should be possible to work from the rear of the car and use your fingers to pull the edge of the lining over the rail on top of the window. Once the roof lining is free it can be moved to the other side of the car and you can do the same. Then it can be pulled backwards out of the tailgate.

Take care - the edge of the plastic is sharp, and the plastic can become brittle, especially when it is cold.


Thanks for the message, and for the welcoming, I found this site today. :)
Well, my R4 is from 87, and I don't think the roof lining is made of plastic. It's some kind of orange paper. I think it's impossible to remove without damage it! :( What I need to do is remove the lining in the back of the car, near the back window, and then take the roof from there by pulling it? When I do this, the roof don't move and I broke the orange lining in several places. If I damage the roof, can I find another one new in renault? Because if I go to a wreckyard, I think I'll have the same problem. Thanks again,