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Renault 4 Shock Absorbers

I want to change the front shock absorbers on my quatrelle(4L) but have not worked out how to get the top nut off. Turning it turns the whole top part of the shock and I have not been able to find a tool to hold the middle of the shock.


PS I am taking this R4 on the Plymouth Banjou( Dakar) Challenge this Christmas, so am trying to get it ready.


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Welcome to the forum.

There are a pair of nuts locked together at the top of the front damper. I have a modied spanner about half as thick as a normal one to hold the bottom one while undoing the top one with a socket.

Even then the threads get dirty and the whole damper turns when removing the remaining nut. With the original Renault dampers (or maybe the aftermarket Boge ones can't remember) you can normally hold the damper body with one hand to stop it turning. This combined with a lot of wire brushing and WD40 on the thread should work. Otherwise maybe a chain wrench or mole grips might be the answer.

Plymouth Banjou sounds like fun. Is that the one where the car has to be bought and repaired for less than £100? How much preparation do you need to do to your R4?