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Renault 4 Trivia Fact or Fiction?

:) = Seen images/read an article/ watched on tv.

:confused: = read on various forums / alleged sightings.

Celebrities and Renault 4s

Nick Hewer (The Apprentice) - R4GTL (white) :)

Jo Whiley (Radio 1) - R4GTL (white) :)

Pope Francis (The Vatican) - R4GTL (white of course!) :)

Mel Giedroyc (Great British Bake Off) - R4 (yellow) :)

Brigitte Bardot (French Actress) - R4F4 (white) :)
(Contribution by the Baron)

Borut Pahor (Slovenian President) - R4GTL (white) :)
(Contribution by Mario)

Steve Mc Fadden (aka Phil Mitchell, Eastenders) :confused:

Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) :confused:

Pierce Brosnan (007) :confused:

Fernando Torres (Footballer) :confused:

TV Commercials

Plusnet - R4 (orange) :)

Norwich Union - R4TL (yellow) :)

Next Christmas (2019) - R4GTL (light blue) :)

Ikea - R4 (red) :confused:

Music Videos

Elvis Costello and the Attractions (Can't Stand Up for Falling Down, 1980) - R4TL (white) and R4F4 (white) :)

Further Contributions/Sightings/Information will be gratefully received.
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I remember a Dustin Hoffman film in which Dustin drives an early Renault 4 at high speed along a dusty track towards a Church. He then runs up into the Church gallery and screams at a girl, preventing her marrying someone. I'm sorry, I can't remember the film title or much more about it. I don't think it was "The Graduate", but my memory is of the car, not the film....
The film is "The Graduate", the church is La Verne’s United Methodist Church, the girl is Katherine Ross, but the car is an Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider.
That's unless he interrupted a wedding in another film, of course.