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Renault 4 Wanted


New Member
Firstly I'd like to say hello, as I'm a new member of this forum. I've been interested in quirky French cars for a while and have owned several A series Citroens. I do now have a Renault 6L which I bought from Derek at Renospeed. I'm now looking for a Renault 4 as everyday transport. I had a RHD GTL a few years ago, and I'm really looking for another. My budget is around £3000. I would consider a LHD car. I'm looking for something sturdy in the chassis and original in appearance. Does anyone have a car for sale that fits the above description?


Hi Ivan,
I have a RHD R4 GTL for sale that you might be interested in. It's in the cars for sale section, though a direct link is here:

The car has not changed since the advert was written and is being used sparingly through the winter, with the occasional run on dry days to keep it ticking over until the weather improves. It has proven to be reliable since being recommissioned, and would make a nice daily driver with continued care. Price wise I was looking at £3500 but really want it to go to a good home with continued care, hence a club member seems a good bet and might have space to haggle... Drop me a PM or call the number in the ad if you want to know more.