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Renault 4 winter tires

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Yo guys.
I am in decision time, so I need some advice.
I am buying winter tires 135/80/R13
I will buy only two of them, and I have 155/65/R13 already on car.

Is it okay to combine 2 front 135 / 2 back 155 or differently?
Is it okay to combine that "mix" at all?

Thank you.
what is your normal winter-situation over there? mostly sleath/ black Ice / hard frozen snow ?? are you getting studded or non-studded tires? Personally I'd go for 4 tires of identical type so your car is easier to predict Just b4 slipping-point and easier to "take in again"also I'd opt for the skinniest you can get away with for max weight per (smallest footprint) Wider tires doesn't work as good as skinny ones in slippery condition..
Try getting some good ones (Hakka/Conti are known to be real good ones! even if a bit more expensive they will outperform cheap Jap/Korean
ones -Every time.
Remember to clean them often,some soapy hot water will do nicely ,just to clean off that diesel/petrol/asphalt stuff that could make the tires
very slippery..
Drive smoothly ,don't brake too hard ,don't accelerate too hard and don't go round bends too fast and you'll be fine Oh-and cut an
inner-hose fill with dry sand close up with two good nylon-strips place in the rear boot right on top of rear-wheels and the car will "sit "better..
Best of luck/ -Reid.
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Tuscany (Italy)
I've got two set of Hankook tyres on mine, for summer and winter.
I drove the car under the snow few times and the winter ones worked quite good.
But the best part with winter tyres is the grip at low temperatures also without snow or wet road, a great help for safety.
(BTW I'm satisfied also by the other set)
Both sets are 145 mm wide.
Here in sunny south I go for summer tires all year long... and bring chains with me in winter because the law forces me. I should put them back in the luggage compartment, I'm illegal since 4 days ago!
Anyway, here it snows really rarely and if it does snow, usually I just don't drive!


Vodice, Croatia
I use 135/80/13 Barum3 winter tires on all 4 wheels.
Still not put them on the car as early morning temps are around 10°C (during day it goes up to 20°C) and it is to warm for them.
But somewhere mid December i will put them on car.

I am happy to have them although snow fall really rarely.
As soon as i go few km from coast to countryside temperatures can go down around zero.
Wet road with temp around zero is not good combination for summer tires