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Hi There
i have been lucky enough to acquire a Renault 5 off a friend and checking it out it seems there are only 125 on the road at the moment in UK my car is a R5 1.4Litre Auto 1989 Has electric windows and Power steering and just under 57K miles on the clock inside is near immaculate but outside has faded plastic and few scrapes and nicks as its been sitting in a street in London for couple of years . Anyway all this is leading up to i'm struggling where to find spares or parts for it.

I need to upgrade the brakes on front maybe with after market to make it stop a bit quicker also toying with the idea of fitting the R5 GT side skirts and arches front and back Bumpers (current back bumper has big crack in it which is twisted so looks like cannot repair easily )also some alloy wheels (current wheels are standard steal very rusty with plastic wheel covers that are not R5 Originals. Also some of the plastic heater pipes in Engine bay need replacing.

The car had MOT that expires this Month NOV 2020 and runs well . I have SORN it for now with intention of sprucing it up and using it as a fun Weekend end car to drive around in Spring Summer.
Any help or advice on above would be much appreciated


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Brakes should be decent enough as standard on these but if its been sat around for a while its probably worth going right through everything anyway. Parts? Try Autodoc or Mister Auto, should be easy enough to source stuff.

The GT Turbo bumpers, skirts etc tend to attract 'GT Turbo Tax' and hence are expensive if / when you find them, alloys shouldn't be that hard though, bit of an eBay search so find something sooner or later.

Good luck and don't forget that we like pictures here!


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Any parts for a le car
Brakes froze up..non use I guess
any ideas how to raise torsion bars to get over more bumps
Mine too low
Don’t have any of the Renault tools