Right Hand Drive 4 GT l for sale

  1. christopherhiggins Enthusiast

    Here is my Right Hand Drive Renault 4 GT L- 1108 cc registered 01 08 1985 reg C355 TEH.
    Previously owned by my sister from 2002 until 2013 which was when I rescued it.
    It has been completely rebuilt including the engine all running gear, breaks, and body work. the interior has been reupholstered new door cards. I even had a little flow work done to slightly improve the performance. I would have liked to have changed it to electronic ignition but I will leave that to the next owner.
    I had to buy a donor car to complete the work - which still has many useful parts including most of the engine which ran perfectly well - which will/can go with my car if desired. I have not had the car resprayed so some of the panels are slightly different colours. I preferred the look sort of more authentic, not perfect and there are one or two small dents, nothing much, again I rather like the lived in look. I have hundreds of photos and a complete(ish) list of the work done.
    The things that still needed are a new heater matrix which are available and the interior light..I do also have a roof rack or rather roof bars.
    So overall is a very good car very reliable easy to drive and should last at least another 50 years. I would like somewhere in the region of £5250.
    Email: chris@planet-ia.com

    This morning - May the 25th - My car was bought by two enthusiasts from Kent..

    2018-05-04 16.38.56.jpg 2018-05-04 16.40.14.jpg 2018-05-04 16.39.56.jpg 2018-05-04 16.42.55.jpg 2018-05-04 16.46.17.jpg 2018-05-04 16.45.21.jpg 2018-05-04 16.41.45.jpg 2018-05-04 16.41.45.jpg 2018-05-04 16.41.20.jpg
    • 2018-05-04 16.41.31.jpg
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  2. jac Enthusiast

    So pleased to have met you both ,and the Renault of course ! Very happy here in Kent .Now I just have to sell my 2cv /azu van.
  3. Neil Enthusiast

    Good Luck Jac & Brian, with your recent acquisition,
    Neil and Lesley
  4. jac Enthusiast

    Are all Renault people as lovely as the ones we have met in our search for a Renault ? It has been such a pleasure....we have seen lovely countryside and spectacular views , have been given so much help and advice, it is unbelievable and consideration beyond every expectation ! I am almost sad that our quest is over....Neil I thank you and Lesley and hope the warmth is doing you good. If it was not for you both we would have given up too soon !Chris I must also say that your transporter man was excellent...like you said careful and considerate ! Thanks all round.Jac
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