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Road trip to Italy anyone?

Hi, i find these odd talks concerning Italy, i was drawing there one week summer 2000 with my wife and 3 small children from Roma to Pescara and back, hired a Alfa-Romeo and had no such kind of problem. Another trip with rental car to Venize, OK but be careful with channel boats which one you'll pick outside the main town center. Additionally been there at least ten times on working trips and our guys at site for months. Nothing severe did not take place.
Hi folks, well I've booked the ferry, ( Plymouth-Roscoff), so is there anyone out there fancy joining me on this road-trip, or maybe meeting up en-route? Come on, there must be some other brave/mad souls out there surely.
Is there anybody on here, apart from our Italian friends of course, going to this event, or am I the only one?
I'd love to be proven wrong.