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East Lothian
Hello to all.
I'm Greg from just outside Edinburgh - not a complete newbie to 4s as I had a 4 TL many moons ago - but recently the only slightly buried urge for another has bubbled to the surface again - actually my wife's fault as whilst watching something on the TV she saw an F4 and proclaimed that it was cool and can we have one
I'm not quite ready to go seriously searching yet - need to get rid of my Merc V220 as I have a self enforced limit of 3 cars - I got up to 12 a few years back and that was too much!
Anyway - I've been raking on-line and fancy an F4 or F6 so will keep looking & researching until such time that I find what I'm after - I have a terrible habit of buying unseen so quite happy to buy from abroad - my Camel Trophy Discovery came from Holland!
I shall have a good search through everything on here - the buying guides look good at first scan so will go and have a good look through now.