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TL clutch bits wanted


I'm looking for the following parts for a mid-seventies to 1980 model Right Hand Drive R1123 (845 cc engine and 354 (not dogleg) gearbox):
clutch cable bracket that bolts onto Left Hand side of the gearbox
complete clutch pedal (with diamond shaped, not square shaped, pedal rubber) or complete RHD pedal box. (Note GTL pedal boxes and pedals are different and won't fit.

If anyone has these things and is interested in quoting a price to put them in a box and MAIL them to Melbourne in Australia (i.e. Royal mail/parcelforce NOT fedex or UPS or other evil hegemonistic capitalist organisations) please let me know. If someone has something thats mutually acceptable, I can pay by a UK cheque or western union money transfer.

Note: for the uninitiated, corporations that are very cheap and efficient when sending goods in the same country (trying to kill off national post offices) and therefore seem a reasonable choice when sending goods overseas will typically charge hundreds of dollars to the overseas recipient.