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Urgent! air-filter box for R5 Alpine (r1223)-Anyone??


Hi guys
-I'm looking for an air-filter box (housing) from a R5Alpine + possibly also used on other Renaults (R5TX-TS)?
to fit Roffen the F4 which now is ready to meet his R5A-motor.I've seen 2 different versions of this air-box,one
long(+50cm)(and ugly) the other shorter and not That ugly (30cm?) Anything considered/Thanx on b4hand/-R.


Ok,so new R5A-motor now installed into Roffen the F4,just had to place a 5mm inlay between frame/engine-mounts to clear the steering-
column..Cut upper rad-hose in two and insert a slightly bent metal-pipe inside rad-hose as too close to exhaust-manifold for my liking....
metal-pipe wont lower the temp,but doesn't take the beating the rubberhose would'w done.Will look into fabricating an additional heatshield
later,still some details to sort out ,but must say I'm surprised how easy the new motor + 5sp.gearbox just plopped in!! All I see is next oilfilter-
change I need to find the smaller oilfilter to ease installation/changing of..
Tomorrow is the Big Day where I (Hopefully) gets to hear it roar for the first time.......Wish me luck! -R.
No luck hearing it roar the other day..Even towed behind a Fiat 1200 Familiale there was no sign of life,no sputter no Nothing.Dead as a door-stopper.Thinking cap on going through everything-and still coming up a big Zero...
Finally-Today we got it to fire it went smooth as a silky kitten,Compression all even and high on all 4. Oilpressure all tickety-boo
as I had to get rid of that Autobleu-muffler under the front-wing all that's left is a small equalizer-box midship under-It is LOUD so you'll hear
it coming from a distance,(No good as get-away car for my upcoming robbery I'm afraid,so must put that cunning plan on hold.)
will look into other muffler in a few days..
Haven't driven it on the road yet as need to put on bonnet and some minor details.Also must fabricate and place small spacer between RH-
frame/engine-mount too to get a little more access for oilfilter-change,as now it leans a tiny bit to the right..
-So why wasn't it firing ??
The all new/unused dizzy-lid is only internally connected to 1,that's ONE plugwire,the others are completely Dead-It has
the 4 "points" inside but they must have forgotten or rationaliced away(?) the 3 others. I need to find the box first to be sure what type/brand it
is to warn others to stay clear of that crap... -R.
Checked box today and it's INTERMOTOR (uk) - compared it to a near 20 y'o identical Intermotor cap which is made to overall much better quality,thicker meat and all over looks more solid.. Looks to me they have had some cheapskate manufacturer mock this one up and put
into an (Edited name above)
Box is a keeper-cap is for throwing away! -R.
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Had various ignition related problems myself with a similar sounding brand ‘Intermotor’, ill fitting replacement caps, points with a butterflies lifespan, rotors that contact post shear off after 300 km, but trying to find NOS or good OEM parts sometimes leaves you with no option but trying brands that are in stock and on shelves at suppliers sometimes, only then to find out why they are still in stock and on shelves.....


Athens, Greece
I may add myself to the list of unsatisfied Intermotor parts buyers. Sold here by many British parts suppliers as substitute to Lucas or other known brands, they are of very poor quality.