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vacuum ignition advance for 1982 GTL

Eymoutiers, France
Hi - and help!
I need a replacement pipe and connector for the vacuum ignition advance for my 1982 GTL, and am struggling to find anything online. Has anyone got any idea where I might find this? Please see photo (taken from an online source). The connection to the carburettor 'popped' off, and the pipe was hanging loose, which then touched the exhaust manifold and melted! So there is currently no vacuum ignition advance. The car is running, albeit not as smoothly or as pokey as usual.
I look forward to any advice on where I might find a replacement. Thanks!
Inkedvacuum pipe_LI.jpg
for next time..get a straight rubberhose of correct inner-dia. cut a (thinner) metal-wire to length stick it in the hose and bend it and Voila!-you have the bend you need -Reid.