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Waterpump- a tiny tip.

Having had several 6mm bolts snap both outside and inside alu-head with lots of aggro and various "French" to get it sorted
These bolts are notorious to get stuck in head and easily breaks if you use any force (and you Will have to) to loosen them -So;
I took on my thinking-cap and solved it by getting a 6mm threaded rod (£7 pr 1meter),cut it to correct lenghts screwed in with
help of two nuts as you would on fx exhaust-flange.. loosened the 2 nuts,smeared some greasy stuff on threads then slid water-
pump on secured by washers and nuts in Front of waterpump to hold it in place
-Be sure to check that there is ample room to slide pump off the rods after giving pump a knock with a mallet next time...
(I probably need to get a life one of these days ,but here it is -for what its worth) -Reid.
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I’m about to change mine so thanks for that tip Reid!
Has anyone else got any advice for me?
This sounds like a fairly simple job that could easily turn bad - especially if there’s any shearing flush with the block...