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AKA Paul Cunningham
lancing west sussex england
I've been very quiet on here recently as I do actually work on a lot of other older Renault models and Facebook seems to be a common communication method with many owners
Quite a few of you here are already on my friend's list and aware I sold my R4 special I have owned since I modded it in 1985
Brian whiteside met my asking price and added it to his collection
Reason for sale I kept using it on nice days in its tatty condition with no spare time or money to spend on renovation
Rodeo 5 not touched for 3 years so that will be my next task although recently I have been restoring my R25 limousine ive had parked up for 15 years FB_IMG_1534590079995.jpg 20180818_111717.jpg FB_IMG_1534109085910.jpg 20180805_125732.jpg