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R4 Restoration

R4 Gordini Restoration

The restoration of a 1967 Renault 4 modified with a R5 Gordini engine and 5 speed gearbox. And you thought you were daft!

Frederick the frog with a starter motor

Technical tips

Frederick the frog demonstrates how to fix common R4 problems, and how to maintain your Renault.


Price and buyers' guides

What to look for in a Renault 4, how much to pay, and what they are like to drive.

Also a little about history and how to find spare parts.

TRenault 5 TX Restoration

Renault 5 TX Restoration

The MK1 Renault 5 was the world's first supermini. It was largely based on the greasy bits from the Renault 4 but had a smaller and lighter body. Rare now so worth restoring.

My cars

My Cars

My Renaults from a TL to an F6 van, many GTLs, and even an elderly 4L.

Features the restoration of Ermintrude the GTL and her tour of Europe.

Citroen 2cv on Plymouth-Banjul rally

Citroen 2cv Adventure

Lucie owned a Citroen 2cv before her Renault 4. She drove it across North Africa and the Sahara desert.

Renault 4 50th anniversary meeting
Learning MIG Welding

Learning MIG Welding

Save money on Renault 4 repairs by buying a MIG welder and doing your own welding. The MIG welding website includes a tutorial complete with videos.

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