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1984 Renault 11 GTL


Today I purchased 1984 first series R11 GTL from first owner with just 30 000 kms on the clock. :o:o:o Car is in perfect condition, out of the road for 9 years, kept in dry garage. Starts and drives great, interior is in perfect condition, everything works, surface rust on exhaust and reservoir only. Body and paint in factory shape. Brakes are sticky but altogether this was great purchase :cool: Only thing that is missing are yellow bulbs :cool:
Few photos so you can see, it will be more when it gets home. Until then, enjoy :drunk:

What I first saw...
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Interior in factory condition
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New and old owner exchanging keys :D
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Nice find. I had one many years ago, bought 'as new' with 3000 on the clock. It was typically reliable and cheap to run. I sold it on some years later with 110000 under its belt!