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The restorator
Here is a picture of my first Renault 4 in the days when I was skint circa 1991.
It had belonged to a friend who had gone off to uni, parked it up and left it. His mum sold it to me for £30.
Someone had smashed the window and tried to set light to it. That was why it was cheap.
It was actually a late low mileage rust free 850cc example with a slipping clutch. I changed the clutch and it was superb.
I would pull 80mph on the flat depending on the air temperature That was one I shouldn't have messed with.
I am on the right, next to the car. That is my old college building, where I did my City and Guilds in Motor Vehicle restoration in Colchester.
First Renault 4.jpg
I experimented with it by building a tuned 1108cc engine wit twin choke webber and a Kent cam. Started off with 4 reverse gears until I figured the gearbox out. It was very revvy.

Later in the decade, still skint, I bought a non running van. Me and 2 friends decided to drive it as far as it would go for a holiday.
I didn't work so I fitted a Gordini engine that I had to the 4 speed box. We broke down 4 times on the trip but made it the Prague and back, where we met the Rolling Stones road-crew and saw the Voodoo Lounge concert.

Renault 4 Van Prague.jpg
This is me about to get on the Harwich ferry circa 1996. Nice shorts! We broke down on the loading ramp(loose driveshaft nut).
Renault 4 Rescue.jpg
This is me being towed by rope in the rain off the Autobahn by a disgruntled German gent at 80 mph! Pretty dangerous.
Germany 1996.jpg
He towed us to a Renault Main dealer in Germany at 5pm on a Friday. They were all going home until one of the mechanics opened the bonnet of the van and saw the Gordini engine. They all stayed on and fixed it. It was burnt out points. They dont get many conversions over there with the TUV regs.
Prague 1996.jpg
This is me and one of my "friends" in Prague. He was pretty crazy and kept getting drunk and picking fights with the locals. He wasnt very good at either. I am on the left.
Prague Rolling Stones.jpg
This was the Van near the concert.
Prague 1996 Beer.jpg
Me drinking a beer. It cost 17p.

All in all a quite exciting adventure


For sale in Pontivy, Brittany, France: guy's asking 800 Euros. Early car. All other windows are smashed etc.



Hi Edwin
No, the seats in my TL are the more comfortable type - according to the UK 72 brochure, they are 'deep foam polyurethane on a fully sprung frame and upholstered in soft stitched stretch-back vinyl.' (!)
The separate front seats were an optional extra on the so-called 'De Luxe' version.
The windows have the metal frames.
As requested, an interior shot - R4 anoraks will note that the handbook is, in fact, from 1973!View attachment 27775

Another interior shot here:

Practical Classics | Renault 4 Forum
Ooh they’re like my seats I think; nice to hear they were ‘extra’!


Eymoutiers, France
Lovely! A 435cc? Vert Bamboo?
It's a 602cc, 1975 vert tuilerie. Very short production run for this colour version: 1974 to 1975. First 2cv to have the monobranche steering wheel. Different bumpers, which only lasted for this production run, and first time the 2cv had ignition key start, instead of the starter button. Also has the 'harlequin' seat fabric (sadly in a bad state in my car). She's a 'rolling project', which I got in February. Just had some floor repairs, now onto some mechanical bits before she heads off for a CT ... her first since 2014 (she's been in a barn for 6 years).


I see photos with a dog in them and wonder what the dog was thinking - the people are keeping it company :laughing: I think I am a dog-person!


The restorator
As far as can remember, Bobby didn't think very much, She was a bit of a biter! 35 years a go!