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Flipping bangers

In France, for several months there is "Flipping bangers" on channel "RMC", tonight this is a (poor) Renault R5 TL which is "repaired" by the 2 guys, they met Derek who is called "the king of the R4 in England" :clapping::clapping::clapping:

I love this program even the job done is often "special", contrary to american programs, they make cheap repairs in just 5 days, tonight they are repairing holes in the R5 body with fiberglass and filler :vsad::vsad:



Mechanically they usually make good job, they removed the engine of the R5:


The funniest thing in this program for me... I'm used to see awesome jobs on english cars programs, but in Flipping Bangers it's not exactly the same, fast job and often very questionnable result... :(:(