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Torphichen, Scotland
This morning, after 10 years of very intermittent restoration activity (and retirement didn't help as it coincided with becoming a grandparent) I finally set off down the road for the MOT station - but didn't get very far, or beyond second gear, as a howling noise started to come from under the bonnet. My first thought was a slipping drive belt given that I had just replaced both a few days ago - although it wasn't the typical slipping belt kind of screech. So quickly returned home and tightened the alternator belt as it could take a bit more tension. The main belt felt ok.

Set off again and same noise again. So cancelled MOT and had another look under the bonnet. Revving the engine while stationary doesn't produce the sound. There's nothing to indicate that the water pump is failing but there is some play in the idler pulley. When I returned home the second time I free-wheeled part of the way just to check if the noise was coming from the clutch or gearbox but putting it out of gear didn't stop the noise. When the car stopped so did the noise.

So suspicion is on the transmission - perhaps the clutch release bearing? The only items which I have replaced up front are the all the suspension joints, the brake hoses, the outer CV boots, one gearbox driveshaft seal, and the gearbox oil. I did adjust the clutch as it was only biting at the top of pedal travel. It doesn't seem to be slipping but I do have a replacement kit standing by.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. It is a 1986 4GTL.
Torphichen, Scotland
I think that I have managed to find the source of the problem - the near side driveshaft does not rotate freely; there is a sticking point which squeaks when you push past it. My feeling is that it is the inner joint that is the source. Does anyone have experience of a similar issue? My next step is to remove the driveshaft and dismantle it - slowly!
Hi Sage, when my camshaft went, it made a tuk-tuk-tuk sound, especially when cornering and also when accelerating or going up a hill and putting a lot of torque/pressure on the wheels.
Hopefully you have found your problem, but if it doesn't work out, I'm wondering if it could be the wheel bearing.
I've no idea how that is supposed to sound, but you have eliminated all other possibilities and narrowed it down very well.


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lancing west sussex england
Noticing you changed cv boots are you sure thete is sufficient grease in the boot wheel end
Inner end rarely cause problem
Nothing to lose by pulling clip off cv and checking it
Most cases repacking with grease will resolve issue