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List of members and their cars


I have moved this from Discussions to this Forum
Suggestions for consideration by Malcolm, who would have more work to do, and the forum in general..

That we have a list of members and what cars they have. So others can contact direct via "conversation", someone with the same car model to discuss a particular detail or refurb detail or experience.
That members have a section on which they can post pics and details/ histories,/ stories of their cars.
It may be that both the above are in the same section, but the second is a voluntary extension of the first
It would also build a library of the cars. I know bits and pieces appear all over in the forums, but this might collect this particular aspect so that it is easier for members to access.

The gorgeous section continues as it does, with lovely pics of R4"s
Just a thought. Edwin


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There is a field in the profile where members can mention their cars but it doesn't seem to be searchable. I'll not have many free minutes over the next couple of weeks, but if anyone if familiar with Xenforo forum software or has some hours to investigate their forum then ideas would be welcome.