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does anybody know where to get cheap R4 chassis. I hear about new 2CV chassis all the time, and they have been reproduced by independent firms, and I am sure there would be a market for them at the right price.


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Actually, I've got a secondhand chassis for sale at the moment for £300 or offers. It's the sort of chassis that you woulld be really pleased with if you saw it under a car you'd just bought, but when it's off the car it's tempting to do a little more work. It's described on

The Renault 4 chassis is pretty complicated compared with the pram chassis of a 2CV, and demand is much lower. I've not seen anyone make reproductions (other than Renault themselves). The Renospeed bloke writing in the Renault Owner's Club magazine suggested that supplies of new chassis were starting to dry up. I've invited him to the forum. Maybe we can persuade him to build a jig and knock a few up.

There must be hot climate Renault 4s in Portugal sitting in scrapyards with decent chassis. Could be worth a holiday going to remove one.



The supplies are really starting to dry up, this is reflected in the price. I too saw new original Renault chassis' advertised in the Dutch R4 club's magazine for about 1500 euros like Liesje mentioned. This, however, was almost two years ago. If the price is still the same, I'd say it's a bargain.

I happen to have the Renault Dialogys parts programme with prices(dating from the beginning of 2003) on my computer, and this is what Renault wanted for the chassis in France then:

2585.56 euros!!! VAT not included!

That was almost two years ago, I do not have the latest info if it's still even available from Renault. Maybe the company that advertises the chassis in the Netherlands has bought several chassis' earlier and can therefore still offer them at such an affordable (compared to Renault) price.