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R4 versus RR

Mike from Spain

Well, my Rangies now running beautifully on lpg which makes it fuel wise, probably, slightly cheaper to run than the R4!!

I just don't know what to do. Talk about "from the sublime to the rediculous!" I get into the leather clad, automatic luxury of the Rangerover and think wow, what a machine. Then I hop into the spartan, practical R4 and think the same! What to do! I'll probably end up keeping both!


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Bedford UK
It's always worth having a couple of cars for when one of them doesn't work. Mind you I have 3 cars and none of them worked last week so maybe there is a flaw in my plan :D

The big advantage of the Renault 4 in my eyes is the giggle factor. I find the cars hilarious to drive. I don't know what it is. The rattles would annoy me in any other car, but I just find them amusing in the 4. I think they try very hard to be proper cars but don't really get all the way there. There is something endearing in that - kind of like a faithful dog that just occasionally forgets itself and nicks your pain o'chocolat off the table while you aren't looking.

I'm actually Renault 4 less at the moment. My mother has stolen my R4 and won't let me have it back until I've welded her extremely rotten camper van.