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starting on the other R4 at last.


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I didn't pay much attention to the wing fitting on Rosalie - Robert did that. Exterior paint he used was Cellulose.

For the Gordini I used a 90% zinc primer on the underside from Bilt Hamber (needs a shotblasted surface to stick to) and the paint was 2 pack (needs an air fed mask as it's really nasty for long term health).

Main thing for wings is to get them sealed properly - any old paint should work if you get the sealing right. Original unbroken sealant is why yours hasn't rusted, but I've never come across a R4 with replacement wings where they have been sealed. has my thoughts on the matter, but I'm still learning as the wings need to come off Ermintrude for a proper seal.

Why are we in the introduction forum? Would you mind a move to the Technical or Discussion section?