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My renault 4 restoration

Nice progress on the gearbox, curious about future real life experience on that automatic torque biasing helical limited slip differential :clapping:
Me too :) i will definitely share the experience, but everything is better than open diff ;)
I quickly made tool for the diff bearings, and finished the gearbox, now the heart of my car is complete!
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I Started to work on the body of my renault, some amount of fiber glass :)
I like the riveted pieces of metal.
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I started welding the body, first patch came out not too bad but there was good bit of guessing how it supposed to look
Tomorrow i will make attempt to make reinforcement plate on top.
Also my repair panels and wings arrived.
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After removing filler and fiber glass
I found out that every corner of the body requires welding, due to lack of time once i cut and fabricate bit of metal, it's going inn regardless if it fits or not :)
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Welding done! Yay! Now bit of gringing and it's going to be blasted and primed.
Also my aluminium skid plates arrived!
At the blasting place i found original f4 used by Irish police on Dublin airport.

20220205_095134.jpg 20220128_160748.jpg 20220128_155540.jpg 20220124_133015.jpg 20220122_163750.jpg 20220112_174839.jpg
I collected the body from the blasting place, they did good job while blasting, but they supported the body on the lift in the wrong place and bent the body a bit.
I found couple places where i need to weld it but otherwise happy with the resultScreenshot_20220419-140211_WhatsApp.jpg

IMG-20220414-WA0016.jpg 20220415_170351.jpg
Im so despearte for mine. Is there such thing as a conversion for the Lug Nuts. to convert it from 3 lug nuts to 4 or anything of that sort ?