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Renault 4 accident on the road


Screw loose
Sorry to see this, probably my worst Renault 4 owning fear! As long as you are ok thats the main thing. If the chassis straight then it should be ok. If it isn't then that's not necessarily the end of the road either.

Might be worth getting in touch with Brian Whiteside who is down your part of the world and has a love of classic Renaults in yellow, sure he would be able to assist.
It boggles me how someone missed a bright yellow van thou. Shows that people just do not look at whats going on.
I was once carrying out a breakdown, using a Skoda Fun as the recovery vehicle. If you don't know, they're bright (and I Do mean BRIGHT!) yellow all over. In addition, it had 2 amber rotating beacons on the top, the headlights were also on main beam and I was moving as less than 10 M.P.H..... And STILL another car managed to hit me! Disabled???? F&*KING BLIND!!! Enough already!
Adam so sorry to see this, knowing that you helped my brother with his kitchen and extension as well I hope you are OK and find another van soon. I hope the insurance pays out well for you.
Has anyone a good idea how to find out if the chassis & the suspension mountings on the left side are still in the right place etc? Rear wheels are staggered in the chassis, I know - just to make this a bit harder!

Wing and so on seem to have taken most of the forces and the wheel and tyre look as they did before, but I find it hard to believe that the wheel wasn't whacked hard on the way through as well.....

Oh - and does anyone know what the value of my van should be (don't want to be undersold by insurance peeps) ? - I have tried lots of (free) online sites but many don't even recognise the reg, and others only work with even older cars; none seem to know about the F6 or F4 either.
Hi Adam

If there are no obvious signs of damage to the naked eye such as a buckled suspension arm, obvious signs of damage to ball joints etc. I would use the drivers side (the side which did not suffer from the impact) as a point of reference to take measurements from various points to the top and bottom suspension arms. I would then take the same measurements from the same points on the damaged side and make comparisons. This might provide you with an initial rudimentary appraisal.

As for a valuation of the van for insurance purposes, it would be good to see if you can get in writing. Try approaching a Renault 4 specialist such as Renault Reborn, providing pre-accident photos and any invoices of major work carried out.

I hope this helps

Best Regards

Pete Isom

Raunds, Northamptonshire
I have wheels as well in case yours was buckled, type with no centre cap too, was going to band them but found some gordini alloys so might not


Hi Adam. Very sorry to hear your news and see pics of your car, but great that you were not hurt. Also that the car stood up to the wallop as well as it did. The other car looks, if anything worse off. The photo confirms that she hit you on your side, you did not hit her. No damage to the front of your car. You are a member of this forum, and there will be someone who will be able to give toy a document to say the car is repairable, for your insurance, if only so you can buy it out. We have some bit relating to a 78 RHD TL car, so if you get stuck for something please contact. I have a bonnet for instance, though a bender may be able to repair yours. Its all deeply disheartening, but the one thing this forum has taught me is that there are lots of guys here who will help you. But for the grace of god are we all facing this. Congrats on no damage to you, and phoenix like, your car will rise again.
Simon of Renault Reborn has kindly suggested a value of £4000 for my van; he recently sold one for more than that. Am still hoping my insurers will decide it's ok for a garage to do the work.

Simon's also after an early 1970's aluminium front grill to buy off someone - anyone have one spare?


Vodice, Croatia
#40 nightmare everytime i sit in R4 and get out on the road.....

it looks pretty bad on pictures but as you are here with us i can presume you are alright...
hope car will be even better after will be fixed.

Sorry for this question but i am not from UK so do not know how it goes there.
Can insurance tell you that you must scrap car if it is crushed as your's is?
Is it possible to repair it even if they told you it does not worth to repair it, and drive it again on the road after repair?

I mean, there are harder crushed car that has been repired in such way you can not tell they were in any accident.