Bluebell Restoration

Bluebell is a GTL whose restoration was started last year. She's on hold at the moment during work on the Gordini, but I'll get back to her next year with luck.

The dismantling page includes an experimental timelapse video.

First Impressions and Background

Bluebell was retired from active service in 2005 due to pending chassis welding bills. But quite rightly she was kept for spares rather than sent to the scrapyard.

I was very kindly given her for further spares use, but she's such an original car I decided she should be restored rather than broken. The body sealing was improved in 1985 following complaints of rampant rust, and that sealant has held up very well on this car.

Meet Bluebell - some photos and first impressions

Bluebell as received

Restoration Part 1: Dismantling

It was only after we started dismantling that we decided it might be a good idea to get her running to see whether the mechanical parts still worked. As you can see from the photo they do. We found these blue cars are quite nippy.

There's a timelapse video of dismantling on the page which is quite fun. I'll aim to make some more of them later on in the restoration.

See Dismantling Bluebell

Dismantling then driving Bluebell

That's it. If you wanted to see a complete restoration then have a look at Ermintrude the Renault 4's Restoration or have a look at the gordini project in progress.

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