Florence the Psychedelic Renault 4

Florence the Renault 4 painted with Magic Roundabout Characters

Florence from the Magic Roundabout

Meet Florence my psychedelic Renault 4. Florence is my tribute to the Magic Roundabout.

Florence was my trusty steed during my college years. Lots of people had a hand in the Magic Roundabout colour scheme. Robert and Claire were the main culprits as they can both draw and Claire had lots of silly books. Louise also helped.

Exactly why a Magic Roundabout theme was chosen has been lost in time. It probably had a lot to do with the characters being colourful and easy to draw. Also the Magic Roundabout is the coolest TV programme ever.

Florence took Ben, Chris and myself to Czechoslovakia in the early 1990s. We nearly made it as far as Russia. Oddly the locals didn't seem quite as bemused by Florence as could have been expected. I suppose there was a lot going on there at the time.

Bonnet with big painting of Florence

She appeared twice at the Dundee Classic Car Show at Camperdown Park and was awarded a special rosette for being the daftest car there.

Florence took part in a procession through the centre of Cambridge as part of the Churchill College Rag float in 1993.

Left side with Brian the snail and Ermintrude

Right side with Dougal and Zebidee

She appeared in a film made in 1994 called Benjeman Hitler where Hitler's speeches were read in the most inappropriate voice while wacky images were played in the background. In one of these images Florence drives along the pedestrian walkway from the main entrance of the Moller Centre, squeezes through the archway and over the camera. Much of the moving footage for the film was shot from Florence.

Florence took Richard and Catrina from their wedding reception to their hotel much to the amusement of the wedding guests who had been expecting a Rolls-Royce.

Florence finally retired after 18 years of service when her chassis fell in half. She now lives in the Magic Roundabout in the sky.

Florence at wedding
Clementine's Garage
Clementine the Cat
Image of flower
Yellow R4
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